MARK-INVENTA Co., Ltd is among a handful of law firms offering expertise in the intellectual property and intellectual property litigations on international scale.

International coverage

International coverage includes countries of Europe and Asia, including CIS countries.
We provide a full range of intellectual property services, including patent, trademark and design prosecution and administration up to registration, as well as oppositions and litigation involving any aspect of intellectual property, unfair competition and trade secret protection.

Licensing and assignments

Licensing and assignmentsrepresent an important part of our services, and includes advising and counseling with respect to drafting appropriate license agreement or assignment deed, providing necessary information with respect to the licensed or assigned IP rights, and recording licenses or assignments.

Patent and trademark searches

Our services include also all kinds of patent and trademark searches, company name and internet domain name searches and patent annuities and design and trademark renewals.

Managing corporate patent and trademark portfolio

Managing corporate patent and trademark portfolio is our complex service combining most of above mentioned services, with addition of some specially designed services, which may be adapted according to our clients needs.