National trademark application or international trademark may be opposed within three months (opposition term) from publishing date.
Opposition may be filed only on relative grounds (earlier rights, identical or confusingly similar trademark for the same or similar kinds of goods/services) and all evidence must be filed within the opposition term.
Opposition may be grounded on an earlier Community trademark (CTM) or trademark application at Office for Harmonization of Internal Market (OHIM), provided that the opponent files, within the opposition term, new trademark application in Slovenia, identical to the CTM.

Filing opposition

Based on the information provided from your side and combined with information available to us at the trademark office or other public source, we timely prepare and file opposition.
Power of attorney is required and may be filed later.
Varying from case to case, a trademark application or an international trademark may be opposed claiming refusal of protection for all goods and services as claimed, only for some classes of goods or services or even for a certain piece of goods.

Defending opposed trademark

If a national trademark is opposed, the Intellectual property office contacts your local attorney.
When an International trademark is opposed, the Intellectual Property office issues a decision provisionally refusing the opposed international trademark and notifying the owner through WIPO.
In a later case please contact our office. At first we will need a copy of all documents received from WIPO and the power of attorney (simply signed, no legalization) in order to contact the examiner and to access files at the Intellectual Property office.


When a trademark is finally refused or when an opposition is refused and the opposed trademark finally granted, such refusal decision or a grant decision may be challenged by filing appeal at the Administrative Court, within 30 days from receipt of the decision.