We are always opened to provide our professional opinion on a Intellectual property issue.
When going through a decision making process, professional opinions have proved to be very helpful tolls.Sometimes you need to decide weather to file an opposition or not. The decision may be for example a part of “the due diligence process” in evaluation of a portfolio before purchase.


Trademark clearance searches include all national and international trademarks and trademark applications in searched one or more classes. The search report is normally available within one week and includes copies of all relevant trademarks and our opinion on availability of the trademark searched for use and registration.
Patent searches and Industrial design searches are also available.
Portfolio searches will provide you with information about rights owned by your client or maybe your competitor in Slovenia, with all relevant bibliographical data including the status of the right.
We encourage all IP owners, to verify the status of their rights, especially related to the recorded name and address of the owner.
Companies are going through various changes, moving to another location, changing name, merge into another company or even assign their rights. These changes have to be recorded in corresponding register.


Is your trademark properly used in Slovenian market? Has your trademark become vulnerable to a cancellation due to non-use? Who is using your trademark? Is your trademark misused, are counterfeited goods, branded with your trademark, sold here?
We explore, gather evidence and report in a real time frame.